alleged rape 

I’ve read the rape allegation documents pertaining to Christian Porter and I feel so sick with disgust, what a homunculus of a man.

Endless, unproductive and unsettling corporate restructures and reorganisations not only take the focus away from doing the work they can often be the symptom of a much greater pathology in the organisation.

Today I’m mostly reading Metacybernetics: Towards a General Theory of HigherOrder Cybernetics by Maurice Yolles


At my work (Freedom of the Press Foundation) we're still hiring for a Senior Security Engineer to join the @securedrop team.

This is a work-from-anywhere role that's great for folks who have worked in security-sensitive software engineering roles for 3+ years (with or without the SecEng title).

Non-profit & open source jobs can be few and far between. HMU if this looks of interest to you or you have questions about it :)

@hugo FWIW Fastmail are the sponsors of the new JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) an alternative to IMAP & SMTP. I think their technical leadership in messaging is par excellence.

‘Do not believe what you want to believe until you know what you need to know’

Short story by Cory Doctorow @pluralistic about someone leaving toxic Main Twitter for a more supportive community once Twitter is required to allow other to interoperate with it.

We'd know this as "federate", and many here already know this feeling of finding a place that feels right with a good community.


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