@koosli Got let into tilde.club overnight. I'm just plain ~smiffy there. Have had a quick poke around, but haven't created anything yet. What's the Gemini equivalent of index.html?

@koosli I find it very comforting to be logging into a Linux box for which I am not responsible.

Now I just need to find what Perl modules are available, whether SQLite is available, if I can run CGIs, etcetera, etcetera. It's not like this hasn't been part of my job for coming up to 36 years, but I can still find it fun.

@duncanhart It's portable, it's convenient, and more robust than using a JSON store. Heck, I can store JSON in SQLite :-)

@grumpysmiffy the killer thing for me is that you don't need any database account administration, the database is just a single file. Plus you don't need a separate database process running that you need to monitor. It's the fairy godmother of database technology.

@duncanhart @grumpysmiffy +1 for SQLite. I run Postgres for large stuff, but SQLite is fast and easy (when I got used to its type system!)


@rubenerd @grumpysmiffy agree. It’s about picking the right tech for the use case.

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