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“It does raise concerns about censorship, particularly given how we’ve seen social media platforms bungle moderating Palestinian voices in recent weeks amid the Israel conflict. Twitter’s algorithms have screwed up before, and there’s no arguing that mislabeling inconvenient truths as ‘fake news’ could have lasting repercussions.”

I have great passion for the early poetry of Philip Arthur Larkin, the English writer, jazz critic and librarian.

You can’t go around calling yourself Mr and then not tolerate others’ with an opinion different from your own who make a valid argument.

Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

Injury rates for Amazon's delivery drivers are FAR WORSE than the already high injury rate for Amazon's warehouse workers

And FAR HIGHER than for UPS drivers

For Amazon's delivery drivers, the injury rate is an astronomical 13.3 per 100 full-time drivers

First vaccine shot booked! First available appointment is three weeks away 😟

“Consequences of system blindness and possibilities of system sight” by @barryoshry and hosted by SCiO

Just discovered an awesome #fediverse account #search tool.

@dcid Is the source available somewhere, so we can have more of these search engine humming..?

I’ve followed the work of @kouroshdini for years and for me his work on productivity and the GTD® method is par excellence. makes hosting your own Mastodon instance really easy: they do the installation, maintenance and upgrades, you do the non-technical stuff. You can follow them at:

➡️ @mastohost

More info on their website at

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Fedi #SelfHosting #Hosting #ManagedHosting #Federation #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Instances

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Hello, how are you? I'm Duncan Hart, it's good to meet you. I'm a senior risk, cyber security & systems thinking specialist. I have significant experience in multiple industries and multiple geographies - from in depth engineering to Board-level management. I'm the Founder and Managing Partner of Cyber Risk Quant, a specialist in cyber security risk and performance measurement.