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My brother sent a pic of the #seagull that got covered in curry and people confused it for an "exotic" bird species.

Give me your best curry-bird related puns. I'll kick things off with Korma-rant.

#birds #birding #puns #indian #curry

Humans filter all communication through their own view of the world. We respond to things that make sense to us, and we tend to reject things that do not. This can lead to misunderstanding, or only partial understanding of a communicated message. It can be modelled as the projection of a signal into a digital alphabet that describes our limited domain of understanding. We match input to the closest concept we already know.

Hey friends

Last year sometime, someone posted a really good “intro to the fedi” post that they used for new signups on their instance

did you see this? and, unlike me, bookmark it?

I really dislike Joe Biden, but I've never forgotten when some dipshit asked him how many genders there are and he gave the perfect answer. He said "at least three" and when asked to name them, he said "don't play games with me, kid."

Ison and Straw start from the observation that our governance systems are not up to the task:

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and how people think.” Gregory Bateson (1904 - 1980)

Even the most exciting project becomes a chore when it is smothered by the constant brain noise known as tinnitus.

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Hello, how are you? I'm Duncan Hart, it's good to meet you. I'm a senior risk, cyber security & systems thinking specialist. I have significant experience in multiple industries and multiple geographies - from in depth engineering to Board-level management. I'm the Founder and Managing Partner of Cyber Risk Quant, a specialist in cyber security risk and performance measurement.